The goal

The central point of our activities is social and sustainable business responsibility within the entire chain of production and external suppliers.

Certification circleAt the beginning of the certification process your management signs the sustainable corporate guidelines which will be made available to each employee.

During an extensive factory audit we examine production processes using a special checklist and we evaluate the compliance to the norm established by fair & human. Through the annual recurring audits (written or on site) a system of “Permanent Improvement” is developed sustainably. This standard completes or supplements existing management systems and can be integrated with little effort.

A fair & human certificate proves that the company has been audited according to fair & human social standards and that the production facilities are distinguished by the following features:

  • production under human conditions
  • fair treatment of workers involved in the production process
  • adequate remuneration for work done
  • freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • health protection for those who participate in the production process
  • exclusion of child labour and compulsory labour
  • fight against poverty and corruption
  • quality assurance
  • environmental protection in production
  • regulated working conditions

The main aims of a fair & human certification are:

  • ethical and at the same time economic reasonable structures
  • expansion of markets
  • quality assurance
  • optimization of production processes
  • facilitation of environmental protection and occupational safety for the production process
  • improved personnel policy
  • improved sustainable measures regarding suppliers