The philosophy

Fair and human working conditions, adequate compensation, health and safety at work – that is what we believe in and what we are working for at fair & human GmbH.

Worldwide „Corporate Social Responsibility“ (CSR) has been gaining more importance among international enterprises and has become a key aspect with respect to their responsibility in carrying out economic activities.

At the same time, compliance to social standards is finding increasing attention among customers and consumers.
For a certified company a certification serves to make one’s name and to gain competitive advantage.

fair & human GmbH is a consulting and certification firm which supports reasonable and decent working conditions by implementing sustainable social standards.

As an independent third-party consultant we check the implementation of social minimum requirements based on the core working norms established by the ILO (International Labour Organisation).
The aim is the application of these minimum standards in production enterprises and their factories (also their suppliers with a turnover dependence of more than 50%), for which our certificate of fair & human gives the guarantee.